Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Dark Charge Day? We have you covered. Here is a comprehensive list of questions our patrons generally have about our annual block party! If you have a question that’s not on this list, just reach out to and we will do our best to get your question answered!

What is the process for purchasing Dark Charge bottles?

The bottle release will happen in the taproom. At 11am, the doors will open. We had a line last year and expect one again this year. Once in the taproom, you will proceed to bottle sales where you will make your purchase of Dark Charge bottles. You will be given an order confirmation receipt. BE SURE to keep this receipt. With this receipt, you can pickup your bottles at ANYTIME during the event from Bottle Pickup (which is located in the back of the brewery, behind our Merchandise area). This means you can pick them up immediately after purchasing OR leave them until later in the day.

We will keep you posted on the number of bottles remaining in the Facebook event and via Twitter.

What time is Dark Charge Day?

Both the Block Party and Bottle Release open at 11am. The Bottle Release will run until the bottles are sold out. The Block Party will take place outside in a heated tent from 11am-11p. The taproom is open until 1am.

Where should I park during Dark Charge Day? Will there be valet parking? Are the lots overnight?

Great question. Like all of our events, we recommend using a designated driver to ensure you get to and from the event safely. If you are driving, please reference the parking map below for best parking options.

The lots below will have options for overnight parking, should you decide to responsibly take an Uber or Lyft home.

2018 Dark Charge Parking map.jpg

Will I have to carry around my bottles all day?

Nope, Just like last year a bottle check will be available. Once you purchase your bottles from Bottle sales, you will have the option of going directly to Bottle Pickup OR you can go and enjoy the rest of your day at Dark Charge. Come back to Bottle Pickup to get your bottles anytime before the event ends. Just be sure to keep your order receipt regardless because you will need it when you pickup your order.

Is the outdoor tent heated?

Yes, we have more than enough heat to keep everyone warm throughout the day and evening. Not to mention the awesome tap lineup that will help with that.

Is this a ticketed event?

No — admission to Dark Charge Day is free! Pint prices will range from $6 to $8.

Is this event kid and dog friendly?

Yes, until 9pm. However, we do expect it to be a crowded event and ask that you use your best judgment when deciding whether or not to bring your under-21 guests. Dogs are welcome until 9pm, as long as they are on a leash! But please use your best judgment in deciding whether or not your furry friend will do well in a large crowd.

Is there food at the event?

Can’t have great beer without great food. We have 8 local food vendors this year serving up Dark Charge infused or inspired menu items. You can see the full menu here.

Is the event in the taproom or outside?

The bottle release is in the taproom. The Winter Block Party featuring live music, 20 guest taps, special Braxton Barrel-Aged beers, the straight-from-the barrel experience, food vendors, and coffee booth are all in the lot adjacent to the taproom. You can see the layout of the outdoor tent below. Plan accordingly!


What guest taps are there, when will they be tapped, and what will they cost?

We’re excited to bring 20 breweries to Covington for Dark Charge Day in 2018! You can read more about the guest tap lineup and pricing here. Stay tuned to the Facebook Event and subscribe to our tweets to keep up with Braxton timed tappings!

Will you run out of bottles?

Likely, but we don’t know for sure. We would not recommend waiting until after Saturday to get your 2018 Dark Charge bottles. They will not be available outside of Braxton Brewing Co.

Can I reserve bottles online?

You cannot. Unlike our other bottle releases, you will not be able to reserve Dark Charge online.

Is it a bottle release or party?

It’s both! It’s a party celebrating the bottle release and our craft beer community. The bottle release is inside the taproom while the party is in a heated tent outside, directly adjacent to the brewery.

Party on. While the bottle release in the taproom will be over, the party will still be bumping outside. You can try the variants on tap, listen to live music, get food, try our 20 guest taps, taste bourbon barrel-aged coffee and...more!

What happens once you’re out of bottles?

Will all of my favorite Braxton beers be on tap?

Yes, the standard Braxton core styles will be on tap. In addition to our 2018 Dark Charge lineup, we’ll have the below 2016 and 2017 Dark Charge variants and a few specialty beers on tap! Check the list below for more:

  • Storm - Golden Cream Ale (4.8%, 16oz., $6)

  • Revamp - India Pale Ale (6.5%, 16oz, $6)

  • Haven - Hefeweizen (5.2%, 16oz, $6)

  • Dead Blow Tropical Stout (7.2%, 16oz, $6)

  • Blown Gasket Robust Porter (7.5%, 16 oz., $6)

  • Kickback Rose (5.3%, 16oz, $6)

  • Garage Beer (4%, 16oz, $6)

  • Wintertrip (4.2%, 16oz, $6)

  • Twisted Bit (5.8%, 16oz, $6)

  • Claus Peppermint Sweet Stout (5.5%, 16 oz., $6.50)

  • 2017 Dark Charge Mole (13.5%, 10oz., $6.50)

  • 2016 Dark Charge Coconut (13.5%, 10oz., $6.50)

  • 2017 Dark Charge S’Mores (13.5%, 10oz., $6.50)

  • 2017 Dark Charge Cherry Vanilla (13.5%, 10oz., $6.50)

  • 2017 Dark Charge Tiramisu (13.5%, 10oz., $6.50)

  • Melange Brandy Barrel Aged Apple Ale (12.1%, 10oz, $6.50)

  • Hillside Wine barrel aged farmhouse ale (6.2%, 10oz, $6.00)

  • 2017 Union Blanc (6.2%, 10oz, $6.00)

  • Braxton Labs: Wine Barrel Aged Stout with Cherries (9.5%, 10oz, $6.50)

  • Braxton Labs: Barrel Aged Kringle (13.8%, 10oz, $6.50)

  • Braxton Labs: Sweet Potato (7.5% ABV, 16oz, $6.00)

  • Braxton Labs: New England Double IPA: Loral + Mosaic (8%, 16oz, $6.50)

  • Braxton Labs: Cycle Coffee Stout (6.1%, 16oz, $6.00

You had a coffee booth last year. Can I get caffeinated this year too?

Yes! We’ll have a coffee booth at this year’s Winter Block Party! We’ll be pouring Bourbon Barrel-Aged Guatemalan Coffee. Even better, for $10 you can keep the awesome, limited edition mug! Bourbon Barrel-Aged Guatemalan Coffee Beans will also be available to purchase and take home if you wish.

Will growler fills be available?

You will not be able to get growler or crowler fills of any of the beers on tap at the Winter Block Party.

What about tasters and flights?

We will not be doing flights to ensure that service is efficient and effective. However, there is a special Dark Charge Taster glass this year. For only $20, you receive a 5 oz. Dark Charge taster and three 5oz pour tickets. Once you’re out of tickets, 5oz taster refills are only $4.

Are there drink options for non-beer drinkers?

Yes, there are. We will have a full lineup of soda in the taproom. We also have Starter Coffee hot, iced and on nitro. In addition, our outdoor coffee booth will have a delicious Bourbon Barrel Aged Guatemalan coffee.

I’m a Dark Charge super-fan. How should I celebrate?

Us too. This year, we’re selling the Bourbon barrels that aged Dark Charge! We have barrels that will be available to purchase for $125 at the Merch booth in the tent on 7th street. At the time of purchase, you will be given an instruction sheet on how to pick up your barrel.